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I'm Sebastian. Introverted, queer, eccentric. I often find the dark side of life more attractive than the bright, but of most interest to me is how conventional beauty can intertwine with the "ugly" and create something far more beautiful than either is alone. Hence, eros and thanatos, seemingly opposing forces that can contrast with each other in a way that fascinates me.

Be prepared for: genderbending, darkness, depressing images and subjects, socialist politics, the occasional dash of blood or death, NSFW material, and occasional meandering commentary on the things I post.

My other and more cheerful blog is It hasn't been used in a while, but it at least shows that I'm not entirely morbid and insane. I don't mind conversation. I like questions, love things that make me think deeply. Feel free to feed my vanity or encourage my self-deprecation. Know I can take a while to respond, depending on my state of mind at the time.

Oct. 15, 12

10:25 AM

So, college. The reason I haven’t been posting lately. Really enjoyable classes with a really heavy workload. Current work due this week: 5 pages of a term paper that will probably be 15-25 pages when finished, a colour and light sculpture that I was given 4 days to complete (never done anything like it before), an essay revision, a 200 page novel I was only assigned on Friday, miscellaneous readings, a position paper, progress on a group project on teaching themes of cultural preservation. I will be assigned much more on Tuesday and Wednesday. My spare time is spent asleep. I’m actually really having a good time while doing the work when I’m not too tired to think. I’ve had good feedback on my assignments. Also, surprisingly enough, I’ve met a lot of people I like, and I have some semblance of a social life.

Wanted to let everyone know I was still around. Just not tumbling, because… so much to do.

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10:07 AM


Anonyme. Paris. Montmartre, Hotel. Circa 1930
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Oct. 13, 12

02:09 AM


Tanapol Kaewpring - Entrapment (2010)


Tanapol Kaewpring - Entrapment (2010)

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Sep. 19, 12

10:32 AM


The Fugitive Futurist, Gaston Quiribet, 1924
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10:31 AM

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10:29 AM

DeanSoDisco presents "Lessons in Intensity": Manic Street Preachers 20th Anniversary Reissue of Generation Terrorists...


Well, the track-list is shit.

No b-sides?
Demos more than likely heard on existing bootlegs?
No inclusion of the [better, but not by much] US mix?
Why would anyone buy this [I know, Manics fans buy anything jokes ahoy; funny ‘cause it’s true; stupidity]?

People, don’t buy it; if you want an…

Well, it is only the 2 CD + DVD version. If they wanted to offer something with only 2 CDs (which is all some people can afford), they have limited options, because the album takes up the space of an entire disc, with no room for extras tagged on the end, like with THB and EMG re-releases. So they could choose either demos or b-sides for the second disc. Since I can get the b-sides through other releases, I’m pretty happy with their choice. I’m guessing the 3 CD + DVD + book + vinyl super duper deluxe shoebox of doom will be more inclusive, once details are released.

Had a laugh over the “dying groans of a toad crushed by a jeep” comment, though.

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Sep. 03, 12

03:28 PM


Edmund Dulac, The Bells, 1912.


Edmund Dulac, The Bells, 1912.

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Aug. 24, 12

07:58 PM


Decaying flowers were shot by Billy Kidd.


Decaying flowers were shot by Billy Kidd.

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Aug. 23, 12

07:58 PM


Death,Dave mckean
four horsemen of the apocalypse
signal to noise


Death,Dave mckean

four horsemen of the apocalypse

signal to noise

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Aug. 22, 12

07:52 PM

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